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The Chairman Guide provides you exclusive privileges as we do not rescind you so as not to select this or that particular topic. Because we believe there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. You can choose any matter you want to write about. But you have to make sure it pivots around, write for us travel and lifestyle

Write what you are passionate about 

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. We welcome every unique topic. You can write untold stories on travel and tourism. But you have to remember that the topic you target to write for us should be accessible to most of the public. It should be constructed so that the audience can reach it. And, more importantly, work in the area the audience could understand. 
  • Make your content available for all folks, and write in a way that everyone can understand and relate 
    • It should not be specified to travelers only 
  • Make your text unadulterated with any extra thing that is not relevant to your text
  • Learn some specific terminologies and jargon 
  • Simplify and clearly state your expressions without involving any hard and advanced vocab 
  • Search what is recently trending in the travel industry

Submission guidelines and requirements

It would be best if you did not consider twice when writing for us. Always remember that, When an opportunity presents itself, don't be afraid to go after it. Writing for us is a golden chance where The Chairman Guide would be supporting you by every possible means. We will provide the stage before the world to deliver your opinions and thoughts; The Chairman Guide is a dice to which you can convey your voice to common folks.

Pay extra attention to areas… 

Well, your introduction is mainly an important section of your text where half of the readers decide if they have to continue their exploration journey or not. This is the inner voice of the audience; you would have to meet their minds and requirements and know what they want in your post. 
  • Know the audience 
    • Their search book
  • Pay attention to queries 
  • Work around the central idea by controlling navigation 
  • There should be the accuracy of data facts and data
Important note: your text should indicate a symphony of emotions. Your guest post should not be plain and monotone. Like it's the work of some machine or a robot. Produce some interest within your writings. Try to intersect with your audience. Let them know your personal experience and possible instances as they would relate it more closely. 
  • Use first and second person 
  • Bring empirical evidences 
  • In justifying your statements and opinions use power elements 
  • Get to understand your audience with flowcharts, tables and appendices 

Eligibility criteria to Submitting your travel guest post

Try to produce an appealing and inviting atmosphere in your text. Presenting a great format within your text would leave the readers long wondering. There should be that halved information on your titles and introduction, which makes the audience curious. To know more about your guest posts.  Today it's not about 'get the traffic — it's about 'get the targeted and relevant traffic. 

Project guidelines 

The call for accurate information 

As to the category of travel, every person, or more precisely the traveler, needs concrete and, most of all, accurate information. There is no chance for your submission if you miss-write the info. We are sure the travel guide had been searching for a long time. Majorly due to its credibility. Most of the time, it had nothing to do with travelers as sometimes many students wanted to know about the particular place, for the most part in general knowledge. The area of traveling and globetrotting is an interesting field. Writing your text is average, or monotone would be boring, though not interesting for your readers. 

Use realistic approach 

It would help if you used some writing tricks to keep your audience hooked throughout your content. In our guideline section, you will learn how to write quality content. All places raise curiosity and make them wonder about the corresponding global spots and places. A mere outlook of berry tones and quicksand roses would never work. Or somewhat mere artificially hooked sentences. Always remember while writing any traveling blog, your audience needs information and data more than its prescribed features. 
  • Use narratives, definitions, descriptions, historical and scientific facts,
  • The knowledge and facts you provide should be accurate
  • Show the references and experts' attestation  
  • Use your personal experience, instances, and examples 
  • Our editorial team is working to make your credibility measured. 
    • Our team of investigators makes all content checked and they search for content accuracy 
  • We prefer to submit the guest posts that deliver information and data in justification to research and reference 

Our preferences 

We always appreciate the content you write for us with passion and dedication. But most of all, The Chairman Guide wants its contributors to look for the quality of content too. We need extraordinaire writing skills and creativeness in our aspirant. 
  • Make no grammar mistakes 
    1. Understand the usage of proper subject and verb agreement
    2. As most of our contributors leave the area under the support of applications that points corrections out
  •  Our contributors should have a grasp of word order, Idioms, phrases, and variant types of sentences
  • Write in Active Voice
    1. Avoid passive form. Try to write in an active voice 
  • Make your content simpler and easier to understand 
  • Learn the correct use of grammatical elements
    1. More especially focus on modifiers and determiners and connectors 
  • Learn the art of punctuation 
    1. Know where to use pauses, intonation, semicolons, commas, and apostrophes  


  • Bring practical knowledge, the data that is applicable and helpful for our targeted audience 
    • That's mostly the travelers and information seekers 
  • Drive every stance of your expression with weigh, based on hard facts
  •  Simplify the things you deliver, make sense of understanding clear
    • So our audience can easily approach the point that you are driving 
  • You can justify your travel blog posts through evidential resources and reference-based process
  • Provide factual observation and relevant arguments 
  • Analyze the subject matter properly, carry out research
  • Present your reviews and thought process and finally bring your conclusion
  • Pay attention to concept formation 
    • Distort nature of the subject
  • Introduce attractively and worth to interests phrases, quotations, and headlines 


How to style the outlook of your blog 
  1. Show emphasis on phrases and sentences that need extra attention 
  2. Use headlines, headings H1, H2, and H3
  3. Avoid longer sentences, and try to write in short sentences so as paragraphs 
  4. Please take a look at our samples of work
  5. Use italics underlines and bolds
  6. Write informative and unique article
  7. We require at least 600 words
  8. Omit extra things that your content does not support 
    1. Edit, modify and omit stuff in your content 

Topics to write for us on travel

  • Top countries
  • Itinerary - One day travel
  • 5 Star hotels
  • Solo travel
  • Group travel
  • Packing guide
  • honeymoon places
  • Winter spots
  • Summer spots
  • Once in a lifetime experience
  • The communication precautions while traveling 
    • Focus on multi niches like internet access and telephone codes 
  • Traveling medium 
    • Traveling medium in the corresponding country you have landed 
    • Travel and transportation guide 
      • Target the area like air, land, or a sea
        • Ships, trains, buses, local or public transportation 
    • The flight length
      • How to survive length flights 
  • Reasons to travel, why you should be visiting certain places under consideration, provide your arguments 
  • Consider its specifications, targetting attractive spots, natural landmarks and wonders
    • Traveling events, the activities you get to enjoy 
    • Define its important
    • Cultural attractions and ethnic grounds Find out what sports you can do and where to do them
    • Local specialties 
  • Make guides on accommodations
    • Booking a place to live, suites and hotels 
  • Safety measures to ensure
  • Language gap as our world has more than 5,000 language 
  • Tips and tricks about packing 
    • Necessary stuff, paperwork, visas, passport, and similar interests 
  • Tips on shopping 
    • Taxes and duties 
  • Health concerns 
  • Food and morsels 
    • The local specialties 
  • Write on topics like top destinations and places 

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