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The Chairman Guide credits and thinks much of writers, who want to bring out their explorations on topics, their thoughts and ideas on a paper. At this point, writing for us technology would be a great idea to get your blog posts carried off to its rightful due. The Chairman Guide is currently searching for a Guest Blogger who can write on the areas of tech insides and news, applications and software, gadgets, and more of the similar aspects related to the field. The Chairman Guide needs professionalism in their Write for us guest posts , if you have some unique sense of writing. If you can write like an expert, you are more than welcome to The Chairman Guide. 

Welcome to The Chairman Guide 

If you want to grow more and pave before the other writers in the blog industry. Then you can't work alone. You would never run the continent entirely with your selves. Not in this hyped chaos, where the competition is way more demanding. Well, no need to search more than you had already landed on the right platform, The Chairman Guide. Where we would display your posts in a position, so that the diverse audience can reach. 

Guest blogger requisite

We would love to support your blogging posts. On a condition that you will work significantly remarkable. All by following our guidelines and putting your highest skills of creativity and unrefined writing abilities. We think it is time to change the blog posts industry permanently. 

Things to understand before work for us

If you understand what I mean, you would write relevant content. All according to the title, you at first hand decided to choose. For the very reason you have to need some controlling navigation in your text. So that you do not run out of themes. And that is where you have to build the framework of your blog post at firsthand. At the very beginning of your writing, you have to brainstorm and point out all the outlines at the very first section of your text. 

Writing criteria 

In the like manner, follow your times lines. Make a separate paragraph under each time line. Begin your paragraph with a topic sentence. The stance of the para. What you're going to state under the corresponding section. After saying your topic sentence, elaborate the further information to justify your stance. 
  • Add quotes 
  • Support your stance and justify your opinion by providing relevant instances, examples and references 
  • Introduce your chief statements and objective 
  • Argument variations of thoughts in regards to the subject matter 
  • Continue to elaborate more in respect to the topic
  • 600+ words content

How can you write for us tech a post to get a submission 

Getting qualified

That's where you're all correct, in our description for Write for us. Strong hints indicate your guest blogging post would quickly get submitted. If it always appears to be poised, refined, and unique. A guest post that is prevailing and productive then has no chances left that it will not get rejected.  The Chairman Guide wanted every single bit of its blogs to be classily and constructed. Its format should be thoroughly refined and precise. As our audience needed to be. A unique snippet carrying eccentric ideas and thought processes is a definition for a proper Write for us technology post and an actual reason for us to submit it.

Things to avoid when write for us 

Certain reasons make your guest posts unlikely to get approval or submission. There could be several reasons, which make us refrain in bringing out your guest post on our website. That's not exactly your job description: all we meant by it is unacceptable and plagiarised guest posts. 

No plagiarised content 

When we tell you not to copy a single line from anybody else's work, you have to obligate it. Consider this specific command a reason for concern to accept and work on. We do not make plagiarised posts based on stealing someone's work to our platform. As we know, it will be a significant accountability. 

Do some research 

When we say you will not copy someone else's work that does not mean you will not do any research or gather information and data. But indeed you have to do research according to your content. Get the confidential insides, relevant facts and figures, supporting statistics and statements. 
  • Use efficiency and newfangled resources reveal the information that is new to us
  • Research and put some homework on your content. 
  • Provide extraordinary mass of information in text 
    • That only comes from research. 
  • Show the data and counting from different surveys, put instances and ultimate weigh in your writings to justify your statements 

Supplementary points to notice

The field of technology is relatively advanced and powerful. So it needs advanced and efficient newfangled means too to approach rightly. In trying to make guide posts or simply how-to like articles. You can't make sense of data in your article, the audience will not get you. Unless and until you use some power material or supporting matter in your text. Just reading the section, word after word, without getting a demo it would not be possible for your audience to understand and make sense of what you are trying to teach them.  We do not say you must use power elements in every guest post article. But if your work requires than you have to use:
  1. Use spreadsheets, flow charts and diagrams
  2. Include symbols, numbers and lines, markers and shapes 
  3. Put your career off in the form of illustration, the workflow into digital presentation.
  4. Demonstrate the scenario of the separate steps of a process
  5. Show the simplified work in graphical representation

Focus on industry and market

If you would notice, the most important and common thing for highlighted and all that famous piece of work and articles is their practicality. All the jobs we considered hundreds and thousands of years back but still are roaming in today's market are all due to their suitability. It would help if you pointed out what your audience's focus is. What do they want? And if you provide them with a concrete built solution and curative remedies, then your audience would surely like you. So as "Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first."
  • Provide curative remedies 
  • Drive the crux of your content to your readers credit 
  • Most importantly serve some value 

Topic selection When Writing a Technology Guest Post

  • Technology in terms of gadgets 
    • Mobile phone devices 
    • Gadgets and tech products 
      • Write reviews and your feedback, and provide the ratings. 
  • Software and applications Gadgets, Reviews & Ratings, 
  • Data Analytics
  • News related to technology 
  • Write about tech companies. 
  • Application development 
  • Artificial intelligence
    • Devices and systems
  • Machine learning
  • Harmonization of internet of things
  • Aspects of data 
    • Big data and cloud 
      • Cloud computing 
  • Tech guides, trips and tricks 
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain 
  • Protection of internet-connected devices 
  • Digital workers,
    • Metaphorical software robots
  • business process automation technology
  • Analyzing data 
    • Delivering actionable information
  • Technologies used by enterprises
    • Business Intelligence

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