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The Chairman Guide is currently searching for a content creator who can write their ideas and opinions on home and garden. Suppose you think you have extraordinary writing capabilities as a content creator and feel you have anything valuable to do with the home and garden category. In that case, you are more than welcome. You will get all your due shares in return for your guest posts.  We accept your guest posts and content work in exchange for your dues. The Chairman Guide intends to publish your write for us home and garden guest posts if they meet our requirements. 

Why write for us? 

The Chairman Guide's name is famous everywhere, always providing value for their inordinate writers. The Chairman Guide is the name available for every experienced and fresher candidate in building write for us home and garden guests post. Never quite part of supporting your post as it always provides the due. Whenever The Chairman Guide launched its campaign, write for us guest posts where all of the essential persons and brands orient themselves around us. To get your post viral to millions of people, and most importantly, for link support. This is the kind of support that made the most popular brands in the city what they are today. 

Benefits you get 

  • You will have a strong foundation for your content, as the origin of The Chairman Guide is galore 
    • You will get a well-established platform to publish your content
  • Your reputation, goodwill, and name become visible to the audience
  • Your authority, acknowledgment, and credibility enhance
  • People begin to appreciate your work. They start to trust your content 
  • The Chairman Guide provides you guidance in your writing journey 
    • We support you with resources 
    • We will help you in writing quality content 
  • It's not like a commitment 
    • You can write guest posts all according to your interests on the topics you please 
    • You can submit to us guest blogging posts according to your own time and schedule  
  • As you write for us, the organic traffic boosts up
    •  You will get visitors without spending money this will directly increase your impact and profile 
    • We will establish for you an utter network to interact with other well-established content creators 
  • While writing for us, your expertise in writing increases 
    • You would gain a concrete command of writing skills 
    • By continuously writing habit your knowledge and information boosts
    • Write for us to increase your blogging experience
    • You will achieve unparalleled proficiency in linguistics 
  • Benefits for your business 
    • Your brand visibility gets prominent 
    • You get our network of organic email subscribers and followers from social media accounts 
    • Overall online attention is awaiting before you  

Write for us means freedom of expression

The Chairman Guide comes all at first rank, a prominent figure, offering the aspirants to write for us a guest post in the configuration of a guest blogging post to write for us. Through this " for us " campaign, you can write your do-it-yourself ideas, a renovation guide, and more of the other home and garden particulars. The Chairman Guide would support you in banishing the content industry. 

We have nothing to do with your experience, and if you are fresher

Your experience or how many posts you have written is not significant here when working for us. Your work only matters to us, the way you produce content. But simultaneously, if you are a fresher, it should not be evident in your text. Your content does not depict that you are a beginner at writing. 
  • Run the thunderclouds of mind.
  • Gather information on your title. Do researchers accumulate data
  • It would help if you had an extraordinary familiarity with linguistics.
  • Your content should be relevant to your topic.
  • Use a more straightforward understanding format so our audience can effortlessly approach you.
  • Show your creativity while producing unique ideas, suggestions, and opinions.
  • Do researches that ordinary folks are currently searching most on Google.
    • Write on those areas that are most popular in the industry. 
  • Kindly provide your articles in long-form, meaning your content should be even in knowledge and value. 

What content we submit 

Writing in chunks of words, without formatting, cutting sections, and breaking your ideas, is not as good and efficient as writing in a neater and more skilled way. Kindly refrain from such time-wasting habits while under The Chairman's Guide authority. Any observant aspirant at this point surely has noticed that The Chairman Guide does not submit every other guest post you send to us. For any guest post you send to us, we first check its quality and then its writing philosophy.

Rules and regulations 

You Might indeed enquire what the criteria are. Then write quality content that The Chairman Guide would approve. 
  • The Chairman Guide expect their candidates to be capable of independent thought
    • To write according to their mind 
    • Write for us would be like trying to explain your topic to the audience closely 
    • The subject matter should not be too complex for the audience to comprehend,
      • Maybe you should look for supporting materials 
  • It would be best if you were without the customary formalities committed to us in submitting a guest post
  • Deliver the needs of our audience
  • You should have unparalleled writing abilities 
    • Focus on writing, content relevance, and audience
The Chairman Guide wants candidates to think outside the box, expand their intellectual capabilities, and not limit their thoughts. If you're going to pave before all the other content created, then you have to write a particular post that is unique and eccentric. 
  • Write unique 
  • Understandable content for the common folk
  • Reveal ideas, hacks and secrets that confidential resources are carrying
  • Pay attention to the title, premises, and intro
  • Include headings, and subheadings, like H1, H2, H3 and H4 
  • Write short paragraphs, make diversions in your content 
  • Make sure to use the power material 
    • Include cruelty-free and copyright-free images and videos 

Write unplagiarized content 

Do not write plagiarized content. If imitations of any other content occur in your content, you can consider your post dismissed. The Chairman Guide knew how to give their candidates warm applause(authentic content) in the form to submit your guest post. The Chairman Guide cannot otherwise account for your copied and pasted material if you sent us dozens of plagiarized content. We had no interest in publishing in our web journal. As Google or any other search engine does not appreciate the idea, nor do we. 
  • You must exclusively write your article. It should be only your work 
  • Refrain from copying and pasting from somewhere else 
  • You will not republish your article again

Topics we love to submit 

  • Home improvement
  • Kitchen decor
  • Interior decor
  • Kitchen tools
  • How to manage home and garden space 
  • How to style, decorate and create unique designs 
  • Provide ideas about the garden and home furniture, sofa, tables, and so on
  • Home security
  • Decorations by season
  • Outdoor and indoor renovations
  • Lawn care
  • Repair: roof, hvac, foundation, sink, walls, bathroom. etc
  • Gardening and horticulture
    • Indoor plants, trees in pots, air-purifying house plants
  • DIY 
    • Your hand at furniture 
  • Home makeover and rearrangement
    • Affordability 
    • Cottage gardens 
    • Ornamental decoration 
    • Plants cultivation
    • Backyard gardening display
  • Garden design 
    • Different themes 
  • Garden safety, care, and pests 
    • Plants, fungi, and other problems

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