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Digital marketing Write For Us 

The Chairman Guide is currently searching for an aspirant, a passionate writer enthusiastic about creating content and in the field of blogging. Who can write quality and unique guest blogging posts like a geek or an expert on digital marketing? The Chairman Guide is giving you a platform; now the responsibility is yours; you have to follow the process, apply and learn the rules and regulations for your work. "Every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation, every possession, a duty." 

Guidelines to follow when write for us in digital marketing 

  • Elucidate every new thing you introduce in your text and how it is going to be helpful and practical for the audience 
    • How your guest posts are going to impact the readers 
  • Bring flow and a systematic rhythm to your text; there should be evenness and balance in each of your paragraphs 
    • It should not be like that one paragraph is of fifty words the other contains three-hundred 
    • break sections and pages with headers

Follow the requirements, what is necessary. 

You want public, and the public wants your content

When you write on topics like that Digital marketing, case studies, or analytics, even including the common issue based on tips, tricks, or guides, always make sure that it sounds evident and unambiguous. You have to present your content before your audience, like the concept and central idea of your text is a piece of cake. 
  •  Elaborately detailed knowledge 
  • Introduce examples and instances so the readers can relate to the situation 
  • Add faqs, readings and statistics, and necessary details to justify your stances. 

What we want in our guest post?

Write word for word

The Chairman Guide, from all things only, publishes guest blogging posts that contain reliable, valid data and information. Submitting your guest posts at The Chairman Guide means authentication of data, word for word. For your kind information, our aspirants should already know that at The Chairman Guide, a team of professionals is working closely. Who instantly points out any unacceptable thing at no time. 
  • Therefore you should always write word for word in support of the truth, facts, and relevant information. 

Write timely guest posts for us

A plan is what. A schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done. If you want to pace before the others in your field, to get the right due of the hard work you spend on your text, then from all things aside from at the very first hand, you have to do your post promptly, sufficiently early in the market. When the public searches on the keyword, it should be your post at first hand to display. 
  • Point out what is roaming latest in the news, what is hot in trend
  • What public is looking for 
    • Know the requirements and what they want in content
    • What is going in on in the industry? 
    • Then spend your time, work smart and invest potential in the areas that need the requirement.
    • Our aspirant should have the potential and skills to deliver the requirements of our audience. 
  • Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. If you get victory over this subject, then you have covered fifty percent of your work.

Write quality content

  • Our writers should know some specific terminology.
    • Know the jargon related to that respective area of your title, digital marketing 
  • Research the concrete and well-grounded data and particulars 
Writing like a pro and sounding like an expert might have taken you as a difficult thing to achieve. But the actual thing is, a little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure might turn to glorious success. With little research, vocab, and jargon, you can create an unshakable power in your content. 

Submit original and unplagiarized content 

In the simple and straightforward configuration, The Chairman Guide does not submit plagiarised guest blogging posts. Send us any post that is exclusively your property, not of someone else. Illegal copying and pasting, theft of another's writer's, already published content, and infringement of copyright are all unfavorable and unacceptable things.  The content that is your subject is what we want. All that benefit you expect from us will only be possible when you are original, loyal and authentic. All good things which exist are the fruits of originality. As for plagiarised content, firsthand, the most famous search engine, Google, would also not allow us to publish under our name, nor do we want. 

Supporting material

What do images, videos and infographics do in any content writing? First hand, they would support the content by justifying some of its information. But other than the serving purpose of information, high-quality images also add beautification and attraction to the texts. Most people choose the post to read because of the topic, but if they find a quality thumbnail, they go for a reading if they don't want the information about the subject. In this case, you should also use some important supporting materials for your text. 
  • Use screenshots and images
  • Make sure the material you use should support the theme and title of your content. 
  • A quality and high-definition picture make your text attractive; therefore, using low-quality images would be the wrong idea. 
  • Use cruelty-free images, and don't use material with copyrights. 

Topic suggestions 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
  • (SEM) search engine marketing 
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Analysis influencer marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital Marketing
    • Types, effects and outcome, strategies and tips 
  • Coupon marketing strategy 
  • Case studies 
    • Instances and examples
  • Email marketing, landing page, affiliate, content, smartphone, and mobile marketing
    • Scope and results 
    • Analytics of data and statistics 
  • Traditional marketing VS current.

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