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The Chairman Guide is an ideal platform that you can utilise as a source of expression of your thoughts, ideas and opinions. The Chairman Guide would deliver your resourceful and valuable knowledge of cannabidiol and Kratom.  Writing for us CBD and Kratom will bring you cognizance, honor and a high degree of advantage, as your expressiveness, individualism and creativity will boost. "All our words are but crumbs that fall from the feast of the mind." Again your words need support, which The Chairman Guide will provide. 

Why chose The Chairman Guide while write for CBD and Kratom 

Hundreds and thousands of websites are offering guest posts to write for us CBD; then again the question is why choose The Chairman Guide? Here is the reason: From all those multitudinous numbers of websites, none would surely provide you that much fruitful results that The Chairman Guide from all things does. As for the justification of notion, you will enjoy some of the prevailing privileges that any one does, including :
  • You will establish fame, a prestigious goodwill 
  • Career opportunities
  • The Chairman Guide following 
    • The Chairman Guide, through their original social media platforms, will widespread share your guest posts
    • Audience: your guest posts blogging CBD will get already established, and readers 
    • Your blog will surely receive appreciation, recognition and acknowledgment 

What You Get

  • You will be able to accumulate knowledge over experience; your experience will open the golden doors to more career opportunities to come
  • It would be a great gateway for your career. You would begin to learn communication skills.
  • Your clarity towards writing would surely be modified 
  • Your knowledge, grasp on writing, command of linguistics and learning new things will increase
  • You will attain a level of professionalism 
  • Your productivity and creativity enhance 
  • Beline 
    • You can add a brief bio about yourself 
      • It should not be more than the sentences containing information about your qualifications, background and eligibility to write for us 

Things you should avoid when write for us CBD or Kratom

  • Avoid irrelevant data, only produce information your title, topic sentence and audience requires. While write for us CBD and Kratom always remember that:"The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do."
  • Avoid using lengthy titles and headings and even try not to write too much lengthy paragraphs 
    • Understand the differentiation of an essay and article 
  • Avoid using affiliate links and non-promotional links, as it would not be acceptable 
  • Don't use page header and footers exclusively on every page of your blog post
  • Limit using of appendix, tables, flow charts, excessive facts figures or statistics
    • Merely provide additional or complementary data as long as your audience need, in terms of justifying your subject matter or theme
    • Don't establish posts that are terabliziny different and exceedingly unlike like most of the other The Chairman Guide blogs
      • Try to make your blog post's format likely to The Chairman Guide s much as possible as 

Supporting materials you can use when write for us CBD

To justify your theme, subject matter or topic sentence you can use complementary data and information. Even to attract a larger audience and make it more appealing. But there are certain supporting materials that The Chairman Guide will allow you to utilise and some it does not. 
  • You can use high quality of featured images and screenshots
    • Don't use copyright images 
  • We also upload videos:
    •  but make sure the quilt is high 
    • you better search for material that is no longer subject to copyright claims 
  • The Chairman Guide website accepts visual representations of graphical data  
  • Testimonies, appendices…. 
  • To justify your instance you can always use: quotes, statistics and readings, reports, instances and examples 
Note: you have to separately send us any visual representations of images, videos or any other presentations you want. Along with the directions on the positions you want it to be placed. 

What does it mean when write For Us CBD, Kratom, HEMP, Marijuana

The Chairman Guide is searching for aspirants who are ardent to write practically and naturally. Rather than implementing mere words and sentences that are not viable and sensible. The Chairman Guide refrain from writers who write spontaneously and in a computerised manner.  The Chairman Guide from all things does not submit write for us guest blogging posts that merely serves the purpose of branding or business, promoting your services or your business. In consideration of the fact, blog content must contain value, Factual and constructive information and most importantly exploitable objectives.  You content blog post should contain 
  • CBD oil
  • THC
  • CBD & Pain
  • Seeds & gummies
  • CBD Medicine
  • Kratom use
  • Life hacks on Kratom and Marijuana
  • Marijuana plants
  • Marijuana and stress
  • Cannabis sativa plant trips and tricks
  • Cannabidiol
  • Cannabidiol and Cannabis sativa plant
    • Its cognitive functions
    • Skin care uses
    • And other uses too

Format of CBD guest post

Every guest post should be at least 600+ words of content and divided into three parts. The first one is always the introduction of your blog posts. Introduction follows the body, and body the conclusion. 


  • You can always start your text with a separate introductory section. But sometimes you need to remember that: "Avoid Prologues. They can be annoying, especially a prologue following an introduction that comes after a foreword." 
  • The main section should better start with hook sentences, attractive phrases, that can be simply facts, quotes or statistics 
  • Write the thesis statement


  • Support your body paragraphs by adding details following the topic sentence 
  • In data part you have to build arguments, data and figures historical or scientific facts, opinions, suggestions and references
  • Explain your topic further as much as your title requires 
    • At the end, add an overall extract of your central idea


  • Your conclusion of the blog post is the elixir of your entire text 
  • Briefly describe the important key points
  • Define topic sentence 
  • Add supporting sentences following the topic sentence
  • Restate your thesis statement

Suggested topics that we welcome to submit 

The subject of CBD, cannabidiol and Kratom is vast. There is only one cannabidiol of 113 identified cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa plants. People are eager and actively in search to know more on the topic. The beauty industry and pharmacy are also rooted for the Cannabis sativa plant. Here are some topics which The Chairman Guide suggested, which you can write. 
  • How to use
    • How often to use 
    • Method: It may not be used directly, due to the chemical composition of cannabis trees or Kratom plant.
    • Diluting or other uses: mixing with carrier oils or using alcohol. 
  • Experience:
    • Before and after 
    • How mainstream is getting benefits 
    • The effects of cannabidiol 
  • Properties 
    • pros, and cons
    • The anti-inflammatory or its function as antioxidants
  • Cannabis sativa plant
    •  Multitudinous benefits for skin, health cures and many others
  • Beauty experts review 
  • How beauty trademarks and manufacturers consider CBD
  • Consume CBD oil
    • CBD in medicines or a diet 
  • CBD in cosmetics 
  • Debate on psychotropic effect of CBD
  • Laws against using CBD

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