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The Chairman Guide, the biggest name, the head of inordinate patronages and critics, is searching for writers who are ardent as feverish, creative as committed with professional staunches. 

Why write for us on Business Topics?

If you found yourself enthusiastic and assiduous towards writing, specifically towards business. Where you can deliver your insights, ideas, knowledge, guidelines and advice, proposals and things, in their respective regards, The Chairman Guide will be fully supporting you by displaying your piece of creative work on their most highlighted and promoted platform at their official website.  "Every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation, every possession, a duty."

Why follow The Chairman Guide when "write for us" business?

The Chairman Guide does not simply post your guest blog on their platform, but indeed the website is going to be extensively supportive, it will help you as your mentor by providing you enough guidelines and actionable insights.  More than that, in The Chairman Guide, you will get a handsome audience. A considerable amount of readers are already waiting to find more content on The Chairman Guide Blog. That website of great significance will surely deliver your blog posts to their fullest worth. "A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results."

Bring something new to the table while" write for us"

All the successful, noteworthy, and prominent writers who are still famous, hundreds and thousands of years have passed and still their works are evergreen, millions of people are reading them. But you know what, some futures that others lacked and lagged. Though one who were apart from the rest, were innovative and yet creative, they made ideas and built thought exemplary processes. "As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges." 

Be practical 

The important thing for highlighted and promoted work is that they are practical. The chief thing about those praised writers is that they put their ideas and imagination before the world. Their work was like an open book. From the given grounds, The Chairman Guide wants its guest writers to think out of the box, and present something slightly different for readers.  Writing for business straightforwardly means you have only to be practical; your audience needs clear-cut brevity and precision. Internet is full of industry related articles, but you know that: "There's no shortage of remarkable ideas, what's missing is the will to execute."

Requirements for content writers

There are certain requirements which The Chairman Guide thinks are the building block of any good writing blog post 
  • Our candidate should know some of specific terminology related with business area 
    • Know the systematic knowledge and particulars of skill sets
  • Your text should show some professionalism: as the text is written by some professional
  • 600+ words content is necessary
  • The writer should select the phrases and use keywords that are necessary according to your title 
  • The Chairman Guide writer should have that competence, as their guest posts on business-related topics can compete with other blog posts in the relative field 
  • Your text should contain the crux that do some good for the community
    • The text should not be vain, it better posses some value 
    • You know that business is an important aspect of a major share of masses, your writing may deliver public interest
  • The Chairman Guide writer has to present specific role within the corresponding field, by writing consistently and with steadfastness 
If you think there are certain areas which you do not possess a command yet. Don't get upset, as these are not talents or skills you can't achieve.  "Most important things in the world have been accomplished by people who kept trying when there seemed to be no hope". With a little hard work and consistency every trier at some point gets the perfection. 

Writing criteria 


There are certain things in linguistics which you use to deliver your message in a better way. Though it is always "So difficult it is to show the various meanings and imperfections of words when we have nothing else but words to do it with." 
  • Build unity throughout your project 
    • All the headings you write should be related to theme 
    • Following the central theme, the central idea 
  • Avoid irrelevant content that is not according to your title, follow the topic sentence 
    • In this very context, you should avoid using unnecessary quotes, phrases and particulars that does not suits the central idea
    • Your text need a controlling idea
    • Omit the phrases if require 
  • Write systematically 
    • Just the way you speak fluently your writings should contain fluency as well 
    • Writing in a flow will personally help you in writing the best version of text 
    • Utilize your energy on the areas that need the more attention, that need focus 
  • Make rough drafts, put your thoughts, imaginations and ideas on paper roughly, then modifies the very course of draft into fair one
  • Build coherence throughout the text 
    • Try to use certain transitional phrases that intervene your overall text
  • Make your headings, sentences and paragraphs short and precise 
    • Show brevity in your content 
    • Make your headings, sentences, and paragraphs brief as much as you possible 
  • Write with reason and logic 
    • Your every sentence should deliver a certain meaning 
    • It should not be vain and meaning less 

Writing pattern or format 


  • Write a topic sentence 
  • Use hook sentences, catchy phrases (this is the point where you have to show your audience the interest) 
  • Provide authentic facts, quotes and particulars
  • Write an attractive thesis statement (at this juncture, your text show how it will be structured) 
  • Briefly summarizes the overall ideas of your entire text 


  • Divide each of the ideas accordingly, to your text in paragraph 
  • Each paragraph should deliver different message
  • Follow the guidelines of The Chairman Guide that we had mentioned in the section of "written criteria
  • In every paragraph elaborate topic sentence with possible facts, figures and statistics, references and relative data 
  • But at the same time build a controlling link in each of body paragraphs 
  • Provide detailed knowledge, examples and instances, faqs, statistics and major details 


  • Introduce conclusion with topic sentence
  • Provide the result(the chief crux) 
  • Use supportive phrases 
  • Restate your thesis statement 

Write For Us Business topic suggestions 

We will enlist some topics which The Chairman Guide will surely welcome to submit on their website. Though among them you should make sure that at The Chairman Guide the article is not already published on the website.  In some cases, if you choose to write on the same topic, there are likely chances that The Chairman Guide will accept. But there is one exception, if your guest blogging business post contains unique central ideas, information and stuff there is a little certainty that The Chairman Guide might bring the article out in the market. 
  • You can write for startups, business Plans and entrepreneurship, building your own business from scratch
    • Target on more particular fields like work from home ( during crisis, or who can't work outside) 
  • Select niche areas: of advice, leadership and suggestions related articles like on: 
    • career counseling, experience and business advice 
  • Boosting the already established business(define steps, provide relevant advice and suggestions) 
    • Accounting
      • Management, business loan, insurance
    • Funding, budget rising, business loans
  • Write on sustainability 
    • Define business models and structures
    • Customer related work 
    • Current issues in market as: employment problems 
    • Improve business services 
    • Business marketing(mutual advertising, E-commerce) 
  • Elaborate your audience about business ethics, and social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and related business objectives
There are innumerable number of topics which half of the world eagerly searches for. "Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming." The targeted field of business is vast enough, every other day you get a trending topic to business write for us. 
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