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If you take yourself capable enough, who knows almost everything about automation, vehicles and motor cars. More precisely, in a way, that you can present your know-how, knowledge and value about the corresponding sector in your writings. 

What does it mean when writing for us automotive blog posts? 

When The Chairman Guide says if you know the area of automobiles, four-wheelers or any car powered by an internal combustion engine, that knowledge and information does not mean that you get the approach from a renowned institution of automotive intelligence in respect to particulars of its mechanism. Nor does it mean the school feeded information.  But what The Chairman Guide means is that, you atleast should have known about the respective field that an ordinary man does not. That originally means your knowledge is regarding relevance under conduction. You are well aware of contemporary affairs of market matters.  In simpler terms you have that unique technique and approach to explain. When you write the subject matter, there is that thing of factual observation, concrete explanation and more importantly, you use the content with evaluation

Welcome to The Chairman Guide 

Whether you consider yourself competent at writing content matters with enough vigor and enthusiasm. If yes then you, The Chairman Guide will be glad to bring your blog post, The Chairman Guide guest post at their most highlighted and influential web journal.  The content on The Chairman Guide that is eye-catching, unique and exclusive in its identity will be published in no time undoubtedly, on the most accented and zeroed in on position. It's never been in history that a content rich in manners with intelligence on particulars of automation has ever passed unnoticed from The Chairman Guide.

Importance of writing automotive blog and guest posts for The Chairman Guide 

No one can deny the vast field of four-wheelers, and motorcars with internal combustion engines. However, no one can get unparalleled expertise, and systematic research on every chapter subject, with sound evidence or facts. That's where The Chairman Guide makes it easier for you to divide the broad category into niche. You can select subjects and topics that you think you can utilize empirical cognizance and your fundamental expertise. 


The Chairman Guide does not want you to ever write on a topic or a subject that you think, here in the area you don't want to work. Here at the very course of juncture, you have to remember that for The Chairman Guide It is not the number of words or sentences they want. Actual value, a curative remedy to solutions is only what they seek in their every other volunteers or participants

Choose the topic that you enjoy writing about the most.

What should be the topics on automotive vehicle cars that you should be writing about? For the mere matter of ideas and suggestions we can present before you the categorical and sectioned categories. Where you can select a niche area or you can expand your vision, according to your capabilities. Well, it's all up to you what areas you will hit. 


For instance, we had decided to divide the categories for vehicles and mobs accordingly at the first point of its appearance.  The appearance can be again veryly divided into another two categories. Namely, it's all about the internal or external. Internal targets the topics of payload capacity, engine, stability factors, etc. On the physical grounds, it's all about the vehicle's physical body, tires and rims, the pressure, and statistics. 

Precautions and auto skills

The other category is relatively niche and well organized if handled rightly. The area could be of Car safety; it's mainly about safety protocols, the precautions drivers should consider while driving, road traffic and jam, and steps to avoid road accidents. 

History and classics

In the history section, you can all go from its inventions, modifications and ups and downs. The categories can also be divided into car types where you can cover various types of four-wheelers. 

Car as a profession

How you will get the access channel built in between the peoples to make them aware of the new doors of jobs, that could equally be transportation. And most importantly, the consumers, how would they get the services? Whether they should be purchasing or renting a car, what benefits them? Public transportation on contemporary affairs, as there has been long unending debts on them. 

Future of Cars

The future of cars is unknown, yet there are enough predictions, hypothetical information and possibilities. You can also consider how automotive industry curatives will be implemented.  We take that, we had mentioned enough of the areas. That is how The Chairman Guide keeps trying to give newbies a chance, the participant to show some talent before the world. Select your category on autos and vehicles and start writing now. But do not forget to write according to the rules and principles of The Chairman Guide along with a compelling writing style. 

Writing rules to follow 

If you want your texts and transcripts to be submitted at The Chairman Guide. Then there are specific rules and regulations you must implement in your writing applications. Here the rules and orders are not like The Chairman Guide has exclusively made for their aspirants and contestants. But these are specific writing models you must use according to writing criteria. 


  • Write in Active Voice, try to write in active voice as much as possible. As to make your writing more straightforward and easier to read. 
  • Ude determiners and connectors appropriately. However, most of the aspirants overuse it. 
  • Use punctuation properly; make sure you introduce pauses, intonation, semicolons, commas, apostrophes, stress words and conjunctions. At the same time, linking and at the same time when you break the stance or a theme. 
Note: above mentioned rules are initially the essential building blocks of the writing, the medium, English you have chosen for. 


You know there are numerous written works and texts in count that we can't calculate. More and more words are being published in each second. Among them some are valuable and some merely time-consuming. The principal motto of The Chairman Guide is to bring value out. That's where you must keep in mind some of the factors that will help you build valuable content. 
  • Bring empirical evidence in the texts by using a collection of facts. Thoroughly analyze the corresponding points that are relevant to your subjective theme
  • Data constructing is essential in text, try to do background research, investigate data in a particular subject matter
  • Focus on queries
  • Pay some attention to contemporary affairs 
  • Build factual observation
  • Utilize concrete explanation with evaluation of data
  • Make use of logic, verity are proven principles in any text
  • At least 600+ words content 
Essential features to implement in your writing for submitting at The Chairman Guide 
  • originality of content is top priority of any written work
  • Copying of another's written work is unacceptable 
  • There should be accuracy of data facts, and evidences in your manuscript
  • literary theft is a prohibition 
  • There is always infringement of copyrights in every work

Writing format & submission guidelines

  • Build a thesis statement that presents your main point
  • Define your credibility
Your introduction is almost five to ten percent of your entire text of word count. The introduction of your manuscript is the longest paragraph of your text. It's the same course of the area, where you must prove in your writings that this will be a fantastic reading juncture. At the very start of your written work, the readers decide if they have to continue the exploration of data, through your work or not.  Provide your core points and objective premise 
  • State about the difference of opinion in regards to given topic
  • Establish how your piece of work will be structured
  • Cover argumentative topic by using key sentence
  • identifies the problems and suggest it needs to be solved
  • summarizes the solutions
  • Add closing and transition sentence
Remember: support your sentences with keywords. You have to find keywords according to your text title.  Always build a strong thesis statement. As this is the only section where you have to prove the importance of your piece of writing, and why your readers should be using this.  Body Firstly introduce the subject of the paragraph
  • After presenting the the topic itself try to link controlling idea by using transitional phrases
  • While establishing the strong body paragraphs, build the main idea to the paras
Conclusion  Conclusion is that concentrated crux of your whole writing, your entire working effort. Where you draw up a scratch in your readers viewpoint. 
  • summarize the entire key points of your writing, extract all the main points you have mentioned throughout you're manuscript 
  • State again your thesis statement, but as a restatement, show the readers that you have finally proven the stance 
  • Lastly create the central idea, the concentration of the entire picture, try to use concluding phrases 

Automotive write for us topics

  • Vehicles and bike care, repair and maintenance 
  • autonomous working car, manual, half or fully automatic 
  • Latest features of biometric, gesture control and other similar features of relative area
  • Cover areas on review and experiences
  • Variants of petrol and diesel 
  • Concierge services
  • New auto model automobiles
  • Internal machinery and engine 
  • Road Safety, driving skills, why car accidents happen and other preventive measures 
  • safeguard, immunity and insurance 
  • Latest car models launches overview and features 
  • The future of auto cars, self-driving, automation and forecasts about cars and bikes about their upcoming models 

Final words 

If your guest post follows the rules and regulations, if the post contains the above mentioned features. Then The Chairman Guide will be more than pleased to submit it on their website. 

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